New Holland – A History of Excellence in Farm Equipment

When you buy a New Holland manure spreader, you are buying a piece of history. Known for their workmanship, quality construction materials, and durability, these machines are respected by farming experts around the world. With over 235 years of developing some the most respected farm machinery in the world, few things can compare to a New Holland manure spreader.

New Holland History

New Holland was started in 1885 in Pennsylvania by local blacksmith Abram Zimmerman. Zimmerman almost immediately specialized in producing a durable line of agricultural equipment. New Holland was one of the first companies on the east coast to mass produce manure spreaders at the beginning of the 20th century. By the 1940s and 50’s, there is a New Holland dealership in just about every region in North America.

By 1994 through a series of acquisitions and mergers, their manure spreader parts and machinery are being sold by New Holland dealers in 24 countries around the world. And many still consider it to be one of the leading producers of New Holland manure spreaders in Europe, Asia, and parts of Latin America.

Famous for their guarantee of quality and strength, New Holland is considered one of the world’s best makers of farm and industrial equipment. Best known for their popular M2000 New Holland manure spreader series; these spreaders can lay down huge amounts of manure or compost in a hurry, requiring less time hauling loads back and forth to the fields.

New Holland manure spreaders are prized not only for their smart design features, which makes them comfortable to handle but also for their reliability and long life. Every box spreader is constructed with a rock-solid high-density poly floor with poly-plywood sides.

All construction materials are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, resist corrosion and yet remain smooth and slippery so that any heavy muck and manure can be easily distributed from the rear of the spreader with less force.

The whole box or bin is attached to a heavy-duty, channel-iron frame with an integrated hitch. High strength twin beam axles with oversize axle pivots give the entire spreader a much smoother ride which allows you to top-dress a field quickly and evenly without being bounced to death.

Like many New Holland spreaders, the M2000 series uses a durable T-Bar chain system for it beater-shredder and apron system this allows the unit to withstand the stress of processing numerous heavy loads of packed waste material day after day.

Manure spreading is vital, but not something everyone wants to do, so be ready to spend a bit extra on improving the overall manure spreading experience. Every New Holland spreader comes with a mounting for their official speakers and also supports some non-New Holland outdoor weatherproof speakers or you can simply go for the wireless option.

This model of New Holland spreader has both an upper and lower beater system, which makes certain that all oversize pieces of manure or bedding are broken down, making it easier to spread evenly and fast.

Of course, there are other models of New Holland manure spreader available for both smaller and larger operations but by examining these features of these popular workhorses of the New Holland line, you can easily see why this company is one the largest of its types in the industry.