Courageous and gracious Arabian stallions

The legends about Arabian stallions have been present for centuries already. There are many stories on how these beautiful horses were created. Some say that Allah created them using his breath, others say that Greek god of sea, Poseidon, created them using the waves hence making them so powerful.

Arabian stallions are a symbol of luxury

Today, you can find these horses all over the world but they are still a symbol of luxury everywhere. There are plenty of small ranches as well where you can see Arabian stallions. What makes them so appreciated is their attitude and strength. Arabian stallions are considered to be one of the most intelligent horse breeds. People say they admire these horses for their elegance and resistance but also for their cleverness. Most experts compare them to dogs because they are extremely loyal to the owner. The most common colors are brown, but the most unique ones are black Arabian stallions.

Arabian stallions and horseback riding

A lot of people wonder whether it is possible to ride Arabian stallions because of their height. Believe it or not, even though they are considered to be the most gracious of all horses out there, they are rather short. Most of them don’t grow over 15.1 hands high. However, they are pretty resistant and they are used in sport horse races as well. They also have amazing endurance and speed.

Money talk and Arabian stallions

It’s extremely difficult to find purebred Arabian stallions without the help of some experts. If you are planning to buy one, you should definitely ask for advice because Arabian stallions are the most expensive horses on the market. Their price goes over several thousands of dollars depending on the quality of the horse. You also need to be aware that they require a lot of care and love as well as regular health check-ups at the vet. If you are not willing to invest your time and money, then buying an Arabian stallion is not the right thing to do.

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