We are Scaling Back our Horse Herd

We are scaling back our horse herd in order to concentrate on showing and hitting the trails. KHR only has a few quality horses available for sale remaining.

I plan to retain only three horses; PAF Triple Codi, KHR Spencive Hit, and Elmarees Al Shama.

This means any foals he sire will have spots. He is also nn (negative) for Lethal White Overo gene.

Sept 19, 2007: We have received the results of KHR Spencive Hits DNA testing and he is homozygous for the tobiano pattern.


Nov 12, 2007: Just back from a 4-day clinic with Patrick Wyse. Snoopy and I did very well. This was his first big outing with lots of horses around and he did superbly. Photos from the clinic can be seen at TBH Photos.

Dec 2007: The year is quickly coming to an end and many changes have come to KHR. The biggest being we are downsizing to our riding horses and dispersing one stallion and one remaining mare. We are going to concentrate on showing and standing Paf Triple Codi and KHR Spencive Hit. We are retaining our black Arabian Mare, Elmarees Al Shama for our daughters mount.

Fred managed to get some of these lovely duffle-style saddle bags for us to use on the trails.

Saddle Bag Leather
Image: www.bestbackpack.com


Attended and ‘E’ cow clinic with Paf Triple Codi

March 2008: Attended and ‘E’ cow clinic with Paf Triple Codi. Learned a lot and looking forward to the next Patrick Wyse clinic in Nov 2008.

May 2008: Summer has arrived here in Fla and it is HOT! So I have been trying to ride late in the afternoon before the mosquitos come out.

I have started Caliente back under saddle after several years of being a broodmare. She was started as a 3-year-old and then had a leg injury which seams to have resolved itself. She hasn’t forgotten a thing and is proving to be very responsive to being ridden again.

Snoopy is loping a barrel pattern now and doing great. I plan to work him over the summer and start attending some local jackpots with him when the season starts back up.

Spence is growing like a weed and I try to work him in the round pen every couple of weeks. Mostly, as a yearling, he is just being a colt and growing strong.