Attended and ‘E’ cow clinic with Paf Triple Codi

March 2008: Attended and ‘E’ cow clinic with Paf Triple Codi. Learned a lot and looking forward to the next Patrick Wyse clinic in Nov 2008.

May 2008: Summer has arrived here in Fla and it is HOT! So I have been trying to ride late in the afternoon before the mosquitos come out.

I have started Caliente back under saddle after several years of being a broodmare. She was started as a 3-year-old and then had a leg injury which seams to have resolved itself. She hasn’t forgotten a thing and is proving to be very responsive to being ridden again.

Snoopy is loping a barrel pattern now and doing great. I plan to work him over the summer and start attending some local jackpots with him when the season starts back up.

Spence is growing like a weed and I try to work him in the round pen every couple of weeks. Mostly, as a yearling, he is just being a colt and growing strong.

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